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Glenshaw drawing show - Animals

Glenshaw drawing show - Animals, 2009 - Khoury-Van Glider Gallery.

Link to my instructor page, Smithsonian Associates Studio Arts Program

Link to a blog written by one of my Drawing in Museums students, detailing her experience in the course.

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Making pictures. A paintbrush, camera, computer, or simply a pencil and paper - all are simply tools for expressing ideas, moods, and information. I am at home with them all - my first love was art, and with it, came education in the techniques and skills of seeing. I bring this rigorous training to all the applications that can exist in a project: digital photography, video, graphic design, animation, or even a simple sketch. Like any other component of a project, the images should serve the story being told.

My photographs have appeared in The Washington Post, Flying magazine, Air & Space, Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, American Heritage magazine, Sport Aviation magazine, and many others.

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